Baby Wipes for Newborns - 5 Uses of Tickles Baby Wipes
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Baby Wipes
For Newborns

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The skin near a baby's diaper area is frequently in contact with moisture from excrement, pee, and sweat. This skin contains more wrinkles and folds than other skin types, which might make it challenging to completely clean. This is a significant reason why most babies develop diaper rash at least once.

Regular diaper changes and washing to remove urine and fecal enzymes from the skin are necessary to prevent and treat diaper rash effectively. It's crucial to scrub the skin properly before each change. This task can be sped up and made simpler by using soft wipes like Tickles Baby Wipes.

Let us understand the meaning of Baby Wipes

Baby wipes are single-use cloth used to clean infants' delicate skin. These napkins are made of non-woven materials that resemble those found in dryer sheets and are soaked in a mixture of mild cleaning agents. Typically, baby wipes are sold in plastic tubs that keep the cloth moist and make distributing them simple.

How to use Baby Wipes Safely?

  1. Avoid touching the baby's bottom with wipes when changing a diaper. Simply proceed cautiously and slowly.
  2. You can also put baby cream on the baby's bottom after each diaper change. A decent cream can serve as a barrier between the contaminants and the baby's skin if there are any chemicals in the wipes.
  3. Use only chemical-free, water-based, organic wipes. Your child's skin will be problem-free if you use premium wipes. So be on the lookout for your baby's cute smile.


Baby wipes are indeed a good choice to keep the baby’s bottom clean and dry. Make babies giggle by using these baby wipes and making parents’ lives easier and tension-free. 

Make the world a better place by opting for the right option by using reusable and washable baby wipes for your little ones!