Cloth Diaper Myths
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Cloth Diaper Myths

Step aside disposables, cloth diapers are here to stay

All myths around cloth diapers busted

Cloth diaper isn’t a fad. It’s a mindset.

It’s a mindset rooted in nature and saying ‘Yes’ to organic lifestyle. As many families are gradually picking healthier choices for themselves and their kids, many questions come to mind around how to manage baby care naturally, especially cloth diapering. Sometimes lack of awareness and hearsay dither many from trying cloth diapers. We understand young parents’ apprehensions. Making your parenting journey easier and relaxing, Tickles team debunks myths around cloth diapering. Stick around and you will find out choosing cloth diapers is one of the best choices one makes in parenting.

Don’t they leak?

Cloth makes one think of leakage, leakage and leakage. No need to worry. Today modern cloth diapers aren’t nappies. Advanced technology, human-centric design and rigorous lab testing have helped Tickles come up with super-soft, super-absorbent cloth diapers. Ensure proper fit and prep your cloth diapers before usage and you won't have any leakage issue.

You want me to wash diapers!

Yes, we understand the idea of washing diapers may seem new to you. However, washing cloth nappies and ‘langots’ is an age-old practice in our households. We all saw our grannies & mums hand wash them while growing up. Whether you choose to hand wash or machine wash, washing Tickles cloth diapers will easily fit into your laundry routine. Follow this quick wash & care routine, and you will enjoy the goodness of healthy lifestyle for your kiddo.

Step 1: Ease off solids in the toilet & clean insert or shell using bidet spray or with water

Step 2: Remove insert & rinse it with cold water

Step 3: Put the diaper and/or insert in Tickles wash bag

Step 4: Put the diaper and/or insert for washing along with other clothes.

Step 5: Remove the diaper and/or Insert from the wash bag, tumble dry on a cloth liner & sun dry

If you want your cloth diapers to last long, never use bleach or fabric softener and don't brush them. Always dry inserts & shells under the Sun to remove stains & stinks. Before first usage, prep them by washing for at least 4 to 5 times. If you are washing them in a machine, always put them in a Tickles wash bag to avoid tangling with other clothes. Soon you will get a hang of it. And washing cloth diapers would be a child’s play. Literally!

They cost a bomb.

Ask any parent who is using cloth and you will know, comparatively disposable diapers cost more over a period and don't have any further usage. Whereas, with cloth you are in safe hands. Instead of expense, they are an investment which will reap you umpteen benefits. They are durable and reusable with a long life. Plus, you will feel better about contributing towards a greener planet.

It’s messy.

Poop and pee in cloth can give all kinds of scary images of mess. Tickles team has widely tested the diapers and have received great appreciation from parents during the testing phase. The gentle elastic grip around the legs provides snug fit to the baby and holds the diaper in place. The thoughtful design allows the skin to breathe allowing easy movement & absorption. Once soiled, you can easily replace the dirty soaker with a clean one in the same diaper shell. Rather calling it messy, Tickles cloth diapers are quite convenient.

Too snug. Would my baby be comfortable in those?

Cloth diapers are thick and very tight. This was the case when modern cloth diapers were introduced. Whereas, Tickles cloth diapers are manufactured after extensive research and development. Smallest details have been taken into consideration like colour, fit, snaps, trimness, gentle stitch, umbilical cord protection, etc. The team stresses upon following 2-finger rule to check the snugness of a diaper. You must check the seams around your baby’s thighs that have two finger spaces. This way the diaper won’t be too snug allowing comfort and easy mobility for the child. Not only this, the inserts have only 12 layers unlike other diapers allowing easy soakage without too much of heaviness.

Cloth need frequent change.

Leaving your little one in any diaper whether cloth or disposable isn’t good for your baby’s health. In disposables, chemicals mixed with the moisture may lead to skin rashes or infection. It’s always advised to replace the diaper at around 4 hours. With Tickles cloth diaper, you have the benefit of only changing the soaker once you observe the wetting pattern of your baby. More so, notice poop time for your child and be prepared for diaper change. Usually babies and toddlers have a certain time when they get nature calls just like any adult. So, be vigilant and adjust your diaper change routine accordingly.

My house will smell of poop & pee!

When it comes to cloth diapering, water is your best friend. Once you have established a diaper routine for your child. You only have to follow simple washing methods to keep them clean. You can pile them up for later washing if you flush the solid in the toilet and wash it under running water to get rid of any stink and spots. Same for pee, wash diaper shells/soakers under running water and keep them for later wash. This way you will keep maggots from forming on the diapers and your house won’t be smelly at all.

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