Bringing the goodness of nature & skilled craftsmanship for your b
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Bringing the goodness of nature & skilled craftsmanship for your baby

Tickles cloth diapers: Bringing the goodness of nature & skilled craftsmanship for your baby

Who would not want natural, smooth and chemical-free material against their babies’ skin? In a quest to bring the most natural and sustainable choice for today’s parents, Tickles have come up with natural fabric diapers made of organic cotton – velour.

Our material

Velour - organic cotton

Derived from cotton, velour is a knitted fabric, which has higher thread count per inch (TPI). This makes velour super soft, strong and durable. It is made of GOTS certified organic cotton and is the first choice for long lasting comfort.

After many research and trials, Tickles chose to override common industry practice of dyeing. Smooth and buttery to feel, Tickles’ velour inserts are undyed and unbleached. These inserts are as natural as the cotton fiber sourced from the farms. Hence, you will find, Tickles inserts aren’t pure white but grey. Grey is the natural colour of cotton fibers. At Tickles, we have consciously chosen to use it as it is, so nothing but only nature's best is touching a baby’s skin after a mum’s touch.

Velour’s velvet-like finish, luxurious sheen, premium and super soft quality, makes it a perfect choice for Tickles cloth diapers. It's specially a recommended fabric for babies with sensitive skin.


Elasticity can literally make or break your cloth diaper experience. Hence, Tickles cloth diapers have undergone many trials to achieve accurate size of elastics. With a strong team of craftsmen and rigorous lab tests, Tickles cloth diapers provide cozy fitting and robust protection against leaks.


You would be thinking why tucks are so important? Mind you, tucks play a crucial role in maintaining the durability of Tickles cloth diapers. At Tickles, we have meticulously tested multiple tuck variations like turner and serger. To be precise, a turner is a pattern where cloth is turned at the seams and has a smooth finish. Whereas, serger is a crisscross pattern making crunch at the seams, which are comfortable for a baby’s movement. Hence, after many iterations, we chose serger keeping baby’s reflexes in mind.


Snaps are the buttons that keep the diaper at its place while providing the necessary grip and fit. Leaning towards aesthetically pleasing design, Tickles cloth diapers have minimum snaps and aren’t a math problem to solve!

On the contrary, they are quite robust, intuitive in usage and easy on the eye. Not at all bulky. You will find the colorful dyed snaps visually appealing. Design and testing are the core of Tickles cloth diapers. To follow suit, once the design was finalized all the buttons’ lock mechanism were sent for lab testing. Post technically proving their ability, the snaps found its proud place on Tickles cloth diapers.

Our practices

Indigenous Craftsmanship

Cherry on top for Tickles has been a great team of seamstresses that have weaved magic with their craftsmanship. Each piece of Tickles cloth diapers is stitched to perfection with love in India.

Certified Lab Tests

Once the diapers are ready; it goes for a lab test, where each component of the diaper gets thoroughly tested. Once all components pass the testing benchmark, Tickles cloth diapers are ready to be dispatched.

Rest assured, once you get hooked to Tickles cloth diapers, you won’t only use them for years but also have a pile of Insta worthy stash of cloth diapers to flaunt!

Happy Tickles cloth diapering!

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