Wipes – Aqua green


Go with Tickles Wipes every day, to let your baby make hay and play all day! We’re soft, reusable, and green – keeping your baby’s tush happy and clean! So, dry or wet, don’t fret! Welcome to premium quality organic cotton wipes. Welcome to the tender, superabsorbent world of Tickles.

Product specification

  • Two-sided Velour, a softest blend of organic cotton
  • Dimension of a wipe – 9 x 9 inches
  • Practically useful for any age-group
  • Chemical free and non-toxic
  • Absorbent, Optimum grip

Inside the box – 3 x Tickles Wipes

Wipes – Aqua green

Wash and Care

1: Ease off solids in the toilet & clean insert or shell using bidet spray or with water.
2: Remove insert & rinse it with cold water.
3: Put the diaper and/or insert in Tickles wash bag.
4: Put the diaper and/or insert for washing along with other clothes.
5: Remove the diaper and/or Insert from the wash bag, tumble dry on a cloth liner & sun dry.


No bleach. No fabric softener. No brushing
Dry inserts & shell under the Sun to remove stains & stinks.
Prep it for first time usage by washing the diaper & inserts for at least 4 to 5 times.
In machine, always put the diaper in Tickles wash bag to avoid tangle with other clothes


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