A pack of 2 inserts for Toddler’s cloth diaper (Tickles Explorer) – Bum Buddy


An additional insert for the Explorer, featuring plush velour backed by layers of super absorbent organic cotton. When it comes to keeping heavy wetters’ dry – The Tickles Bum Buddy doesn’t mess around!

Product specification

Outer – Multi-layer absorption topped by Velour
Inner – Multi-layer absorption

Inside the box – 2 x Tickles Bum buddy inserts

A pack of 2 inserts for Toddler’s cloth diaper (Tickles Explorer) – Bum Buddy


Derived from cotton, velour is a knitted fabric, which has higher thread count per inch (TPI). This makes velour super soft, strong and durable. It is made of GOTS certified organic cotton and is the first choice for long lasting comfort.
Velour’s velvet-like finish, luxurious sheen, premium and super soft quality, makes it a perfect choice for Tickles cloth diapers. It’s specially a recommended fabric for babies with sensitive skin.


Tickles outer layer is made of 100% GOTS Certified Cotton, without any sythentic fibers. Which brings utmost comfort for your little one. All the Tickles diapers have hidden water-proofing shield which prevents wetness on outer layer until it’s completely damp. This helps keeping any surface under the bum clean and dry.


Elasticity can literally make or break your cloth diaper experience. Hence, Tickles cloth diapers have undergone many trials to achieve accurate size of elastics. With a strong team of craftsmen and rigorous lab tests, Tickles cloth diapers provide cozy fitting and robust protection against leaks.


Snaps are the buttons that keep the diaper at its place while providing the necessary grip and fit. Leaning towards aesthetically pleasing design, Tickles cloth diapers have minimum snaps and aren’ta math problem to solve!

Wash and Care

1: Ease off solids in the toilet & clean insert or shell using bidet spray or with water.
2: Remove insert & rinse it with cold water.
3: Put the diaper and/or insert in Tickles wash bag.
4: Put the diaper and/or insert for washing along with other clothes.
5: Remove the diaper and/or Insert from the wash bag, tumble dry on a cloth liner & sun dry.


No bleach. No fabric softener. No brushing
Dry inserts & shell under the Sun to remove stains & stinks.
Prep it for first time usage by washing the diaper & inserts for at least 4 to 5 times.
In machine, always put the diaper in Tickles wash bag to avoid tangle with other clothes


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